Pre Christmas Special 3 - 5 year olds now Get 30 Hours Free

  • 30 Hours Free for 3 - 5 year olds
  • Limited to 10 places
  • Must be 5 short (6 hours) days
  • Enrolment Times are 8:30 - 2:30 or 9:00 - 3:00
  • Start date must be before the end of December
  • Applicable to new enrolments only

Notice from the Education Review Office (ERO) Regarding Grow ECE

The Education Review Office (ERO) recently visited Grow ECE to perform its first review of our Centre. The ERO is the New Zealand government department that evaluates and reports on schools and early childhood services.

Here's some of what they had to say

  • Children's independence and self-management are actively encouraged through responsive and flexible routines.
  • Early literacy, mathematics and science are naturally integrated into children’s learning experiences.
  • Children up to the age of two years benefit from nurturing teaching interactions in a caring and calm environment.
  • Teachers' interactions are focused on providing positive learning outcomes for children. They use a range of positive guidance strategies to promote social problem solving.
  • Professional relationships formed between leaders and staff support the centre’s core values.
  • The directors are successfully establishing a service that is focused on equity, social justice and the provision of positive outcomes for children.

Of course, we're extremely proud of the glowing ERO report that acknowledges and reflects all the effort and hard work invested by our staff, managers and owners!

But we're not content to stop there. We're in the process of rolling out some amazing new staffing initiatives throughout our centre which will be sure to have huge benefits to your children...

Read the full Education Review Office PDF here

Stay tuned for more....


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