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Under 2's get 2 days for only $39.00

Grow Introductory offer, 2 short days for $39 (usually $78)
or 3 short days for only $59 (Usually $117)

We all need a place to Grow!

It’s not every day that you get to do something amazing like this – and for the Team at Grow, it’s the culmination of years of dreams, experience, vision and hard work. Two fantastic ladies, Anita Richardson and Toni Carlton, with over 50 years combined experience in childcare, had been dreaming of what Early Childhood Education(ECE) in New Zealand “could be”. Having seen what can happen when you commercialize relationships and the downfall of corporatizing childcare, they knew that there was a better way of doing things and just needed the opportunity to show this.

In 2014 Aaron and Michelle Sinclair, an entrepreneurial New Zealand couple based in Australia had recently sold their third IT business to a US Tech company and had moved back to New Zealand to follow their dreams of working with a NZ based children’s charity. They were also on the lookout for opportunities to help in their local community. The fortuitous intersection of these two dreams started an amazing chain of events which led to the founding of Grow Early Childhood Education.

The team brings together a fantastic array of skills that provides a depth of experience in business, finance, marketing, teaching, management, childcare and early learning. Between them, they are able to provide a well-rounded and experienced team that sets the stage for an amazing childhood learning adventure.

Children learn through play and it’s far more important than a lot of parents realize. They learn an enormous amount through their imaginations. But it’s a lot more than just scholarly learning…

Te Whariki is the Early Childhood curriculum of NZ and is recognized internationally for its curriculum framework. It doesn't prescribe teaching specific subjects, rather it gives a framework on which we can build a child's learning and development. It links what the children experience at home to what they experience with us and their wider community. It also helps guide centres in planning for programmes, teaching approaches and assessing what learning is happening.

A child’s value system is developed early on in life, concepts around socialization, integrity and honour are deeply rooted during these early development years. It is immensely important that these values are therefore deeply rooted in the culture of the ECE so they can flow on to children in care. In Aaron’s words “The significance of our task is not lost on us, and we are continually striving to set the highest standard in childcare in the Bay of Plenty.”

The purpose built facility in central Papamoa is set on over 4000sq meters, with one of the largest ECE outdoor playing areas in the region. Extensive playgrounds and a mini sports field, it’s an impressive setting for a day-care and is a central point of difference to the many other centres in Tauranga / Papamoa.

“Childhood is a rare time in life that only ever happens once, so it is to be enjoyed and cherished as much as possible. As parents, our children give us the gift and privilege of re-living our childhood days of discovery; where a bug on a leaf could captivate our imagination, and a tree was all that was needed to turn an afternoon into a rainforest adventure. We should all be doing whatever we can for our children to make these days of innocence as remarkable as possible. “

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