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Facebook Get to know Dixie - we asked her 5 random questions...

What has been your biggest disaster in the kitchen?
I baked a batch of scones and accidentally put a cup of salt in. As you can imagine when they were ready we all tried them and immediately spat them out! I threw the scones out to the birds and they wouldn’t even eat them, five years on and I still haven't lived it down with the family!
What five things do you always have with you?
My phone, wallet, mints and my 2 children!
What is the most ridiculous facts you know?
Cockroaches can live up to two weeks without a head.
What is your favorite food and why?
Any type of Kaimoana..........why not!
What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?
I have a scar just above my wrist. We lived in a two-story house and I was out on the roof tanning when my little brother and sister thought it would be hilarious to lock me out there. After some kind words were exchanged I banged on the window, it smashed, I jumped in and was chasing my siblings around the house until my mum yelled out, who's bleeding....it left quite the trail.